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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Mar-2016Molecular and physiological studies on bacillus thuringiensis subsp galleriae active against lepidopteran pestsSachidanadham, RKrishnan, M R V
10-Mar-2016Molecular characterization and complete sequencing four novel indian isolates of lepidopteran specific cry i genes of bacillus thuringiensisNagarathinam, PKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Studies on cellulose acetate polyethersulfone and sulfonated polyethersulfone blend ultrafiltration membranesMahendran, RMohan, D
4-Mar-2016Molecular approaches to identify potent indigenous isolates of bacillus thuringiensisXavier, RJayaraman, Kunthala
4-Mar-2016Molecular and immunological characterization of translationally controlled tumor protein TCTP from the filarial parasites wuchereria bancrofti and brugia malayi and phage displayed antigens from L3 stage of brugia malayiGnanasekar, MKaliraj, P
10-Mar-2016Molecular studies on expression and mechanism of action of binary toxin of bacillus sphaericus 1593M by site specific gene manipulationsShanmugavelu, MJayaraman, Kunthala
18-Mar-2016Biological control agents for inset vectors molecular and physiological studies of mosquito larvicidal bacterium bacillus thuringiensis subsp israelensis strain 4q6Sharma, Ajay KumarJayaraman, Kunthala
18-Mar-2016Cellular and molecular regulation of filarial sheath protein induced epithelial apoptosis and its relevance in tropical pulmonary eosinophiliaKrishnamoorthy, BBalakrishnan, Arun
16-Mar-2018Studies on isolation screening and production of laccase from penicilliumchrysogenum for the degradation of waste waterT, SenthilvelanKanagaraj, J
4-Mar-2016Studies in esterification reactions preparation and characterisation of esters for some engineering applicationsAlagar, MKrishnasamy, V