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18-Sep-2019Biomimetic fabrication of a native fibrillar collagen composite for bone tissue engineeringSocrates RNarayana Kalkura S
20-Aug-2019Bioleaching of heavy metals from industrial solid waste using isolated fungi and its application in vermicompostingGowthami SThirumarimurugan M
19-Aug-2019Effect of blend proportion on thermal comfort characteristics of bamboo cotton weft knitted fabricsKarunakaran K CPrakash C
19-Aug-2019Study and optimization of the influencing parameters in splicing and development of an improved pneumatic splicerBerlin Jinu C KThangamani K
19-Aug-2019Production purification and characterization of microbial lipase and its applications in biotransformation reactionsKarthikumar SAnant Achary
19-Aug-2019Production of biodiesel from cassia javanica and catharanthus roseus seed oilusing heterogeneous catalystKarthikeyan MRenganathan S
20-Aug-2019Extraction and characterisation of active compounds from seaweeds and their application in textilesJanarthanan MSenthilkumar M
19-Aug-2019Studies on approaches for sustainable leather manufacturing through cleaner process methodologiesJohn Sundar VMuralidharan C
20-Aug-2019Design synthesis and characterization of stimuli responsive polymeric nanoparticles for targeted drug deliveryGover Antoniraj MRuckmani K
17-Sep-2019Hydrothermal liquefaction of micro algae cultivated in marine fresh and waste water sources to produce bio crude for biofuel applicationsLavanya MRenganathan S