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21-Jun-2019Deciphering the biological questions of mycobacterium tuberculosis An in silico insightLone, Mohsin YousufJha, Prakash C
21-Jun-2019Service innovations in Indian banking sector Exploring the dyanamics of automated teller machine and business correspondent customer service point modelVerma, VandanaHemant Kumar
21-Jun-2019Post apartheid South African narratives History violence and counter discource in the selected novelsKhalil, Morve RoshanFirdaus, Zakia
21-Jun-2019Synthesis and physicochemical profile of transition and lanthanide nanoparticles and their transduced molecular interaction with proteinsChandra, AbhishekSingh, Man
21-Jun-2019Development of polycaprolactone chitosan nanofibers as biomimetic substrate for mesenchymal stem cellsJhala, Dhwani VirbhadrasinhVasita, Rajesh
21-Jun-2019Bionanotechnological approaches for the remediation of dyestuff compound reactive red 31Khan, Razia AzharFulekar, M H
21-Jun-2019Molecular anion sensors A computational approachBhat, Haamid RasoolJha, Prakash Chandra
21-Jun-2019Ethnography of reproduction Reconcliation between public health needs and cultural uniqueness in the context of Dangi womenMorish, Saluben GangarambhaiJena, Asima
25-Jun-2019Evaluating the impact of cd1d mediated signaling on survival of breast cancer cells in presence of chemopreventive agentsShyanti, Ritis Kumar Bharat ChandraMishra, J P N and Singh, Rana P
25-Jun-2019Synthesis of amino acid functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and their application in drug deliveryPandya, Shivani RajivkumarSingh, Man