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Researcher: RAMANUJAM . T
Guide(s): Cyril Raj.V
University: Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute
Completed Date: 25.09.2015
Abstract: Research Homeostats in the human body are closely related to and newlinecontrol two major diseases Cancer especially metastasis and critical stages newlineUrinary Tract Infection UTI that have defied an effective treatment newlinemethodology so far Research carried out by the research scholar involves newlineModelling of the concerned homeostats based on control system newlineconcepts with a view to model and simulates them newlineAnalysis of signals in the associated pathways through techniques like newlineData Mining ANN and Regression analysis newlineIdentification of some mutant genes that are responsible for these newlinediseases newlineAid in development of an effective treatment strategy for these two newlinediseases newlineSince the mutant genes that cause the diseases and the antibodies that tend to newlineoppose them are manifest at the nucleotide level of human cells modelling newlinesimulation and analysis of signals of gene homeostats in addition to newlineconventional homeostats at cell level also form an important part of the newlineresearch Cancer and UTI involve the processes of phosphorylation and newlinedephosphorylation at gene level and thus the expression of mutant genes is a newlinecommon denominator for both these diseases Hence the objective is to aid newlineevolution of an effective treatment strategy Identification of mutant genes newlineand their expression against antibodies can be analyzed perhaps only with the newlinehelp of gene homeostasis While conventional homeostats have been newlinemodelled based on control system concepts earlier by other researchers gene newlinehomeostasis is an entirely new concept introduced perhaps for the first time newlinein this thesis newlineMethodology It will be seen in chapter 4 that the process of homeostasis newlineis very similar to control systems in Engineering and many tools are available newlineto simulate and study control system models Hence modelling and newlinesimulation are carried out by SIMULINK module in MATLAB software newlineThe analysis by SIMULINK after building the control system blocks that newlinerepresent the concerned homeostat provides signals at the macro level These newlinesignals are further analyzed by software available in Data Mining Artificial newlineand Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine that includes regression newlineanalysis as well as hardware simulation by VHDL wherever possible The newlinehomeostats in the body get their signal internally During simulation they newlineneed to be fed with realistic external signals for the research to be meaningful newlineThese signals are newlineExperimentally verified results of Capacitance Relaxation newlinephenomenon CR carried out earlier and patented vide US Patent No newline5691178 newlineElectrostrictive energy that has been mathematically derived from CR newlineresults by the research scholar and newlineCase study results of pH of urine samples analyzed by Data Mining newlineand regression analysis by a group that includes the Research Scholar newlineFindings Mutant genes develop resistance to antibodies which in newlinegeneral arrest diseases It has been established in the thesis that higher the newlinepH of mutant genes environment alkaline greater than 7 lesser is the newlineresistance offered by them to antibodies leading to better control of these newlinediseases If the pH of the environment where mutant genes are generated is newlinelower acidic less than 7 the mutant genes offer more resistance thus newlinepromote spread of these diseases This is the major finding newlineIn addition the research scholar has developed a model for gene homeostasis newlineand established that the pH homeostasis both conventional and gene is the newlinemost important homeostat to be analyzed By correlating pH homeostasis newlinewith Capacitance Relaxation and electrostrictive energy in malignant cells it newlinehas been established that the pH gradient between intra and extracellular newlinefluids can be used to evolve a model for different types of cancer with newlinespecificity in pH ranges Through simulation of E Coli environment we can newlinethen identify stages of cancer caused by mutant genes Thus another newlineimportant finding is the identification of mutant genes through use of E Coli newlineenvironment which has been discussed in other theses and refined here This newlinehas been done after identifying various stages of cancer and UTI through newlineanalysis of signals from pH homeostat newlineSummary of Conclusions Based on the findings the thesis has newlineattempted to newlineidentify stages of cancer linked both to Capacitance relaxation newlinephenomenon and Electrostrictive energy newlineidentify stages of UTI with pH of urine newlineidentify expression of mutant genes against antibodies corresponding newlineto each stage of UTI and cancer in specific pH ranges newlinestudy the effect of antioxidants in respective stages of UTI and Cancer newlinefor their treatment in the absence of mutant genes newlinePossibly to study the above aspects in the environment of some newlinebacteria typically E Coli bacteria newlineWith this in the background an effective treatment strategy can be worked newlineout involving medical specialists and further research on the subject newline newline
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