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28-Feb-2018Evaluation Of The Effect Of Functional Contouring Of The Palatal Vault of Maxillary Complete Denture On Clarity Of Speech Sounds In Edentulous Patients An In Vivo StudyGodbole SPakhan A.J.
28-Feb-2018Study Of Heat Shock Proteins And Cytokines In Diagnosis And Pathogenesis Of Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary TuberculosisShekhawat S.D.Kashyap R.S.
28-Feb-2018A Critical Appraisal Of The Impact Of Flexners Report On The Overall Development Of Indian System Of Medical Education During The Period 1910 to 2010Rawekar A.Mishra V.P.
28-Feb-2018Psychosocial And Socioeconomic Risk Factors Of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma And Their Association With Delay In Diagnosis In Rural AreaLohe V.K.Bhowate R.
28-Feb-2018Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Single Incision Multi Port Laparoscopic Surgery Simple Versus Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery In A Tertiary Care Gastroenterology Hospital In IndiaRajapandian S.Palanivelu C.
28-Feb-2018Radiographic And Clinical Assessment of Structural Findings In Mandibular Condyle Leading To Temporomandibular Joint Disorders In Orthodontically Treated Young PatientsPanchbhai A.Bhowate R.
28-Feb-2018Evaluation Of Saliva For A Potential Biomarker In Children With Sickle Cell AnaemiaBaliga S.Chaudhary M.
6-Mar-2018Assessment Of Antimicrobial Efficacy And Biocompatibility Of Root Canal Filling Pastes Containing Aromatic Essential Oils As A Vehicle In Subcutaneous Tissue Of RatsThosar N.Chandak M.
6-Mar-2018Comparative Evaluation Of Nifedpine Methyldopa With And Without Herbal Antioxidant Ocimum Sanctum Asparagus Racemosus In Modification Of Oxidative Stress In Pregnancy Induced HypertensionMujawar J.Patel S.S.
6-Mar-2018Detection and Characterization Of Human G Type Rotavirus Among Children With Diarrhoea In Rural HospitalChavan N.Tankhiwale N.


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