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2-Mar-2017Chemical examination and bioactive evaluation of morinda tinctoria roxb michelia champaca linn and desmodium gangeticum DCDeepti, KUmadevi, P
2-Mar-2017Signal processing and performance evaluation methods for speech enhancement applicationMurthy, Andhe SatyanarayanaElizabath Rani, D
2-Mar-2017Anaerobic digestion of ocimum sanctum effect of inoculum substrate and heavy metal concentrationVahini, Swapna KSrinivas T
2-Mar-2017A study of sezs through an investor prism A case study of sezs in VisakhapatnamKishore SChandrasekhar M
17-Feb-2017A novel approach for strain improvement and potential applications of anabaena variabilisPant, Gauravn.d.
17-Feb-2017Assessing heavy metal accumulating capacities of plants for the management of fly ash and sewage sludge disposalsRamoji GSrinivas N
17-Feb-2017Formulation development of selected antiretroviral drugs by direct compression method employing new co processed excipients and modified starchesSunil KumarChowdary, K P R and Suresh, P
17-Feb-2017Analytical and experimental studies of cross flow heat exchangers for unmanned air vehiclesRadhakrishna DSarma, P K
18-Apr-2017Strain improvement and media optimization for enhanced laccases production from pycnoporus cinnabarinus and trametes hirsutaKhanam, RasheedaPrasuna, Gyana R.
18-Apr-2017Development of mycopesticide formulation containing trichoderma viride with enhanced shelf life and rhizosphere competencePappu, LalithaLakshmi, Aruna K.