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25-Oct-2016Regional disparity in institutional finance and industrial development a case study of Orissa for small scale industriesLenka, JagannathMohapatra, P C
26-Oct-2016Impact of tourism in economic development of OrissaMohanty, Akshaya KumarMishra, Ramachandra
25-Oct-2016Perception and participation of the officials and non officials in the block development administration a case studyMohanty, KamalakanthRoy, Rita
28-Oct-2016An analysis of agricultural financing by co operative agricultural and rural development banks of Ganjam districtSamantaray, Prakash ChandraMohanty, Adwait K
25-Oct-2016Development of a semi ad HOC network model for mobile computingBehera, Prafulla KumarMeher, P K
26-Oct-2016Investigations on certain aspects of photosynthetic potential development in rice seedlings during the period of establishmentDalai, Abhaya KumarTripathy, P C
25-Oct-2016Influence of nutrition on the growth and development of panagrolaimus hygrophilus bassen 1940 Rhabditidae panagrolaimidaeDas, Krushna PriyaMohapatra, N K
25-Oct-2016Development and application of a scale for measuring attitudes towards the new pattern of education and empirical validation of its psychometric propertiesRao, R Raja Surya PrakashPanda, K C
25-Oct-2016Regional disparties in the levels of socio economic development of OrissaDebapriya, AryashreeMohanty, M K
25-Oct-2016Growth and development pattern of 0 2 years children and factors associated with ITJena, DiptimayeeMohapatra, Haribandhu