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30-Dec-2016Development of new spectrophotometric methods for the assay of selected drugsSubbayamma, A VRambabu, C
25-Jan-2016Validation and development of novel analytical rp hplc methods for the assay of selected drugs in pharmaceutical dosage formLatha, Kavuluri PushpaRamachandran, D
27-Jan-2016New re hplc method development and validation for analysis of selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical formulationsPhani Kumar, VSunandamma, Y
25-Jan-2016Development and validation of new visible spectrophotometric and rp hplc assay methods for selected drugs in pure and dosage formulationsKiran Kumar, KVenkata Nadh, R
30-Dec-2016Development and validation of newer RP HPLC methods for the estimation of selected drugsKumar, A V D NagendraRao, M V Basaveswara
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective synthesis of amphidinolide T1 and development of novel methodologiesReddy, SureshYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of biologically active natural products and development of new synthetic methodologiesRajesh, KVenkateswaralu, Yenamanda
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of amberketal its analogues and development of new methodologies in Ionic liquidsBaishya, GakulYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Development of novel sensitive visible spectrophotometric and high performance liquid chromatographic methods for the assay of some drugs in bulk and pharmaceutical formulationsReddy, Bhimireddy SrinivasaRao, Battula Sreenivasa
10-Jan-2018Development of Stability Indicating RP HPLC and UVSpectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Some Chosen Drugs and Application of Spectroscopic Methods for Identification of Impurities in an anti hypertensive agentBabu, Kapavarapu SureshRambabu, C