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25-Jan-2017Synthesis and spectral characterization of novel organophosphorus compoundsVenkateswarlu, C HSatyanarayana, P V V
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of ruthenium and porphyrin based sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cell applicationsSreenivasu, MareeduRao, Vijaya Bhaskar N
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterization of new nanometerials and study of their propertiesRao, Tata KondalaMurthy, Y L N
25-Jan-2017Isolation characterization chemical transformation and total synthesis of natural products of biological importanceNarender, TadigoppulaNarender, T
25-Jan-2017Isolation of high value bio chemicals from Tobacco waste synthesis characterization of ubiquinone CoQ10 and development of analytical methods for process related impuritiesMahendra, KolisettiMadhavi, N
25-Jan-2017Characterization of agro based paper agro oil and sugar industrial effluents and assessment of their potential for applicationsRaju, P V S MachiMurthy, Y L N
10-Jan-2018Synthesis characterization and study of anticancer activity on a series of 3 4 dihydropyrimidin 2 ones and 2 5 disubstituted pyrimidinesReddy, Surendranatha OntedduBabu, Hari B
25-Jan-2017Characterization and defluoridation studies of active carbons derived from bio materials of Typha angustata Lagenaria siceraria and Acacia farnesiana plants as adsorbentsRao, Yeleswarapu HanumanthaRavindhranath, K
25-Jan-2017Preparation and characterization of activated carbons from inexpensive materials and their evaluation on fluoride adsorptionRao, V SrinivasaRao, Kaza Somasekhara
25-Jan-2017Surface oxidation characterization and sorption of lead methylene blue by renewable sourcesRavi, MuppaSomasekhara Rao, Kaza