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25-Jan-2017Studies on the screening strain improvement optimization purification and characterization of alkaline protease by bacillus licheniformisLakshmi, GPrasad, N N
25-Jan-2017Studies on physical properties of certain clinically important medical systems Their dosage and activityKavitha, SrigiriMurthy, V Rama
25-Jan-2017Studies on synthesis of stereochemically pure highly functionalized tetrahydrofurans of biological importance from carbohydratesReddy, Poreddy VenkatShaw, Arun Kumar
25-Jan-2017Studies on defluoridation and detoxification of copper using various carbons prepared from plant materials as low cost adsorbentsRaju, K A RamaRao, K Somasekhara
25-Jan-2017Dilatometry and optical studies in liquid crystalline p n Alkoxy benzoic acids and some no m compoundsRao, M Ramakrishna NancharaPrasad, P V Datta
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and structural studies of peptides containing A and b phenylalanines furan amino acid pyrrole amino acid and the first total synthesis of proximicin A B and CRao, Kolla SrivasaChakraborty, T K
25-Jan-2017EPR and optical absorption studies on various transition metal ions doped in mixed alkali cadmium phosphate glasses: an approach to mixed alkali effectGiridhar, GRangacharyulu, M
25-Jan-2017Dielectric and spectroscopic studies on MO CaO PbO and ZnO Sb2O3 B2O3 glass system doped with some transition and rare earth metal ionsSudhakar, K S VVeeraiah, N
25-Jan-2017Phytoochemical and biological studies of selected Indian traditional medicinal plants asparagus racemosus aerva lanata and abrus precatoriusKumar, MaheshRao, B Ganga
25-Jan-2017Studies on the optimization of production purification and recovery of recombinant protein HBsAg in Pichia pastorisRao, P VenugopalaRao, M Subba