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1-Jun-2018Influence of different arbuscular mycorrhizae on physiological and biochemical responses of cajanus cajan millsp pigeonpea genotypes under salt stressPandey, RekhaGarg, Neera
15-Apr-2016Nodulation nitrogen fixation and harvest index of some leguminous crops under saline conditions and the manoeuvrability of their response through plant growth regulatorsGarg, NeeraDua, I S
15-Apr-2016Physiological and biochemical studies on the effect of salt dark and water stresses on nodulation and regulation of nitrogen fixation in some important legume cropsSingh, Kamal JitDhir, K K
19-Apr-2016Morpho physiological studies in vitro and in vivo on dormancy and flowering of buds of salix tetrasperma and S BabilonicaAngrish, RajivNanda, K K
21-Apr-2016Physiological and biochemical effects of seasonal changes in stem cuttings in relation to rootingPal, MohinderNanda, K K
19-Apr-2016Physiological and Biochemical studies on seed viability and vigour enhancement of ageing seeds of some bamboosKumar, VikasSharma, M L
19-Apr-2016Physiological and biochemical studies on the growth and development of fruit in azadirachta indica A JUSS neemSabharwal, SuhaniDhir, K K
19-Apr-2016Physiological and Biochemical studies on the mechanism of auxin action in rooting hypocotyl cuttings of impatiens balsamina and phaseolus mungo with special reference to nucleic acids and proteinsBhattacharya, SheilaNanda, K K
18-Apr-2016Effect of morphactin on physiological and biochemical changes in rooting hypocotyls of impatiens balsamina LKaur, Narinder PalNanda, K K
21-Apr-2016Physiological studies on some luminescent fungiChand, VivekPrasher, I B