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21-Apr-2016Cytotaxonomy and reproductive Biology of the ferns of Garhwal HimalayaSharma, AnuritaKhullar, S P
21-Apr-2016Cytological investigations in the orchidaceae of Khasi and Jaintia hillsNath, RavinderMehra, P N
18-Apr-2016Cytological investigations in some grasses of north eastern India festucoids ischaemum linn eulalia kunth and saccharum spontaneum linnPrakash, O mMehra, P N
19-Apr-2016Cytomorphological studies in the Indian species of mnium together with cytological observations on some pleurocarpic mossesSharma, Sudarshan Sarup KumarChopra, R S
18-Apr-2016Cytological investigations in some grasses of north eastern India tribes andropogoneae arundineae oryzeae arundinelleae chlorideae eragrosteae and sporoboleaeKalia, VipanMehra, P N
19-Apr-2016Cytomorphological studies on north east Indian woody elements with special reference to timber trees families lythraceae lauraceae Hooker 1879 to 1885Bawa, Kamaljit SinghMehra, P N
25-Apr-2016In vitro seed germination Clonal Propagation and Cytological studies in some indigenous orchid taxa of ornamental valueSood, AnilVerma, S C
15-Apr-2016In vitro propagation of some economically important orchids with a particular reference to the cytological status of the propagulesKher, AnoopamaVij, S P
15-Apr-2016Cytotaxonomic investigations on some E Himalayan pteroidsVerma, S CMehra, P N
19-Apr-2016Cytological studies Karyology on the herbaceous legumes Vicia and LathyrusMalik, Govind KrishanVerma, S C