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12-Apr-2018Evaluation of effectiveness of curcumin in enhancing chemotherapeutic response of doxycycline by modulation of mi rna expression and apoptotic machinery during dmh induced colon carcinogenesisNanda, NehaMahmood, Safrun
13-Apr-2016Conformation aggregation and folding of oligoglutamines in relevance to huntingtons disease a molecular modelling studyBaskar, MNandel, F S
12-Apr-2018Mechanistic studies on trimethyltin induced neuronal damage in rat brain neuromodulatory potentials of ginkgo biloba and gabapentinKaur, SukhwinderNehru, Bimla
8-Jul-2019Molecular and functional characterization of Type I collagen gene COL1A 1 and COL1A 2 and its interacting partner HSP47 in osteogenesis imperfecta patientsVandanaDhawan, D.K.; Bhadada, Sanjay K. and Sachdeva, Naresh
1-Aug-2018Mechanistic studies on lycopene mediated chemoprevention of n nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatocarcinogenesis assessment of physiological and molecular markersBhatia, NishaKoul, Ashwani and Baljinder Singh
2-Aug-2018Evaluation of the radioprotective role of aloe vera against x ray induced alterationsShashi BalaKoul, Ashwani and Garg, M.L.
12-Apr-2018Zinc metallothionein fractionation its modulatory role in arsenic supplemented male rats and possible application as biosensorGanger, RenukaGarg, M L
12-Apr-2018Study on the neuroinflammatory mechanisms in pathogenesis of lipopolysaccharide induced parkinson s disease modelSharma, NehaNehru, Bimla
12-Apr-2018Studies on heat induced hypoxia oxidative stress and apoptosis in mice testes modulation by antioxidantsKaur, SarvnarinderBansal, M P
12-Apr-2018Neural substrates of cognitive deficits in alcohol dependents a multiparametric mr approachBagga, DeepikaGarg, M L