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21-Apr-2016Evaluation of the mutagenic potential of the commercial textile azo dyes and their biodegradation by Phanerochaete chrysosporiumBakshi, Dapinder KaurSharma, Prince
21-Apr-2016Microbial production and downstream processing of 2 3 butanediolDeep, AmanGupta, K G
21-Apr-2016Studies on incidence of diarrhoeagenic organisms of intestinal origin in food and faeces in a North Indian community with emphasis on immunological relatedness of enterotoxin of escherichia coli with other groupsRam, ShobhaVadhera, D V
21-Apr-2016Therapeutic potential of bacteriophages in burn wound sepsis model induced by common nosocomial pathogensKumari, SeemaChhibber, Sanjay
21-Apr-2016Molecular cloning and immunoprophylactic properties of a 30KD secretory protein of mycobacterium tuberculosis H37 RVSharma, Anil KumarTewari, Rupinder
21-Apr-2016Characterization of mycotoxic principles of selected molds isolated from dried smoked and cured fishBeri, Harinder KrishanVadehra, D V
21-Apr-2016Physico chemical and immunological properties of klebocinsChhibber, SanjayVadehra, D V
21-Apr-2016Physico chemical changes in selected legumes and cereals by the growth and metabolism of intestinal microorganismsPaul, MadhuVadehra, D V
21-Apr-2016Early induction purification and characterization of acetolactate synthase of enterobacter cloacae for the production of 2 3 butanediolKaushal, AnjuSharma, Prince
21-Apr-2016Effect of gram negative bacteria on activity of resident alveolar macrophages and lung tissue in polyunsaturated fatty acids fed experimental miceKalia, SonicaSharma, Saroj
21-Apr-2016Studies on acetoin plus diacetyl production by micro organismsYadav, Natversinh KeshrisinhGupta, K G
21-Apr-2016Studies on a raw starch liquefying amylase from bacillus SP for the direct liquefaction of raw starches without gelatinization and its evaluation in some biotechnological applicationsGoyal, NidhiSoni, S K
21-Apr-2016Thalidomide and clarithromycin immunomodulatory effect in klebsiella pneumoniae B5055 induced infection in miceKumar, VijayChhibber, Sanjay
21-Apr-2016Antigiardial and Immunomodulatory effect of probiotic supplementation in murine giardiasisGoyal, NishaShukla, Geeta
21-Apr-2016Studies on ammonia excretion by azotobacter chroococcumNarula, NeeruGupta, K G
21-Apr-2016Development and characterization of phage delivery system and its potential for the treatment of klebsiella pneumoniae induced respiratory tract infection in miceAkash Tulsiyan, SaloniChhibber, Sanjay
21-Apr-2016Regulation purification and properties of a thermostable alkalitolerant ENDO 1 4 B D xylanase produced by Bacillus CirculansBaksh, AshitaGupta, J K
21-Apr-2016Production of glucoamylase from aspergillus SP by solid state fermentation and its use in simultaneous saccharification and ethanol productionPriya, KanuSoni, S K
19-Apr-2016Protective potential of antibiotic induced outer membrane proteins of klebsiella pneumoniae conjugated to polysaccharide moiety of lipopolysaccharide antigen in murine sepsis modelToky, VandanaChhibber, Sanjay
19-Apr-2016Molecular cloning and expression of the gene coding for thermostable amylase of a thermophilic bacterial isolatesidhu, Gurjit SinghGupta, J K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 81