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17-Jun-2019Development of enzyme based hair dyeing process application of an alkaline bacterial laccase for hydrogen peroxide free hair coloringDeepak KumarGupta, Naveen and Sharma, Prince
26-Aug-2019Assessment of the role of uropathogens in reproductive performance of male miceRana, KalpanaVijay Prabha
5-Apr-2018Phage borne endolysin production purification characterisation and its potential in treating mrsa biofilms and burn wound infectionShivaniChibber, Sanjay
27-Jun-2019Isolation purification and evaluation of postbiotics as an antibiofilm strategySharma, VivekShukla, Geeta
27-Jul-2018Production of non traditional wines from syzygium cumini and assessment of their medicinal efficacies in animal modelSwami, UrvashiSoni, S.K. and Rishi, Praveen
16-Nov-2018Prophylactic potentials of probiotics lactobacillus rhamnosus gg and lactobacillus acidophilus in conjunction with NSAID celecoxib in experimental colorectal cancerSharaf, Leila KaeidShukla, Geeta and Seema Kumari
13-Apr-2016Molecular characterization and contribution of quinolone signalling system in the virulence of pseudomonas aeruginosaBala, AnjuHarjai, Kusum
15-Apr-2016Characterization of genetic biochemical and immunological changes in silver ion induced bacterial mutantsKaur, ParjitVadehra, D V
19-Apr-2016Potentials of certain polyphenolic phytochemicals to attenuate endotoxin mediated hepatotoxicityRohit K Jangra, SushmaRishi, Praveen
19-Apr-2016Characterization of molecular players in human sperm escherichia coli interactions with the aim to develop anti sperm receptor monoclonal antibodies as vaginal contraceptiveKaur, KiranjeetMaam, Antar