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28-Nov-2016Nano sized conducting polyanilines and their nanocomposites synthesis and applicationsThorat, S. M.Kulkarni, M. V.
26-Aug-2019Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor doped germanate glass_nanocompositesApte, Sanjay KrishnajiKale, Bharat B
25-Jan-2019Synthesis and characterization of hierarchical zno modified with cuo for enhanced photocatalytic applicationsMeshram,Satish PralhadraoAmalnerkar,D.P.
11-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of ZnO and doped Cu Mn ZnO nanoparticlesThorat Jyoti H.Kale B.B.
25-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterisation of nanoscale transition metal sulphides in polymer matrix using inorganic polymer solid solid reactionRumale Narendra PandurangAmalnerkar D. P.
5-Apr-2016Investigations on electrodes and electrolyte materials for the fabrication of integrated low temperature solid oxide fuel cells in low temperature co fired ceramic structuresKulkarni Shrikant GajananPhatak Girish J. and Duttagupta Siddhartha P.
26-May-2016Inorgano conducting polymer nanocomposite for electronic applicationsDiggikar Rahul SaidajiKale Bharat B. and Kulkarni Milind V.
23-Aug-2019Development of nanostructured metal chalcogenides for photocatalytic waste degradationKadam, Sunil RamchandraKale, Bharat B
23-Aug-2019Synthesis of organic inorganic and coupled semiconductor nanostructures for photocatalytic applicationsPandit, Viktam UttamKale, Bharat B and Mulik, Uttam P
26-Apr-2016Nanostructured solar light active ZnIn2S4 Fe2O3 and N TiO2 photocatalysts for hydrogen productionChaudhari Nilima SopanKale Bharat B.