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31-May-2013REG studies to quantify the changes in consciousness field evoked by some yoga practices, Agnihotra Yajña and navaratri festivalThakur, Ghanshyam SinghNagendra H R; Nagarathna, R
31-May-2013Effects of cyclic meditation in psychomotor performance on childrenPradhan, BalaramNagendra H R; Nagarathna, R
31-May-2013Influence of yoga on Quality of Life a randomized control studyDeshpande, SudheerNagendra H R; Nagarathna, R
25-Mar-2013Integrated approach to Yoga therapy for autism spectrum disorderShantha RadhakrishnaNagendra H R; Nagarathna, R
28-Mar-2013Effect of 'Om meditation on brainstem auditory evoked potentials, autonomic and respiratory variables and selective attentionSanjay KumarTelles, Shirley; Nagendra H R
28-Mar-2013Effect of cyclic meditation on sleep architecture and subjective sleep ratingPatra, Sanjib KumarTelles, Shirley; Nagendra H R
25-Mar-2013Effect of Smet yoga module on emotional dynamics of managersSony KumariNagendra H R; Nath, N C B
23-Mar-2013Effect of yoga therapy on chronic low back pain a randomized control studyTekur, PadminiNagarathna, R
28-Mar-2013Evaluation of an integrated yoga intervention in modulating psychological stress and radiation induced genotoxic stress in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyBanerjee, BirendranathHegde, Sridevi; Nagarathna, R
25-Mar-2013A comparison of psychophysiological effects of two yoga relaxation techniquesPatil, Sarang ShashikantTelles, Shirley; Nagendra H R