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7-May-2013Antidermmatophytic activitiy in leaf extract of Calotropis Procera (AIT.) and it's structural characterizationVerma, RagineeShrivastava, J N; Guru Prasad
2-Jan-2014Studies on antimicrobial activity of spirulina platensis (Geitler) and its structural characterizationVinay KumarSrivastava, J N; Bhatnagar, A K
30-Jul-2014Allelopathic interaction of wild onion asphodelus tenuifolius Cav on germination and growth of sorghum Sorghum Bicolor L and maize Zea Mays LGautam, Shiv ShankarPrasad, Guru
30-Jul-2014Impact of integrated weed and nutrient management in lentil crop production along with observation on allium assay for pendimethalin herbicide toxicityGupta, AnamikaRao, D Sarveshwara
31-Jul-2014Antibacterial activity of parthenium hysterophorus L against bacillus megateriumSwati KumariSoni, S K; Srivastava, J N
5-Apr-2018Phytodiversity of the floodplain vegetation of river yamuna at Agra and its conservation with special reference to biotic factorSrivastava Shabd KumarKumarAnil
15-Apr-2014Reproductive biology and in vitro studies on Boerhaavia Diffusa L.Chaudhary, GulshanDantu, Prem Kumar
24-Apr-2014Studies on the reproductive performance and yield pattern of Mungbean and Urdbean in the context of changing weather conditions at AgraBiyan, Subhash ChandraRao, D S
2-Jan-2014Allelopathic responses of some selected strains of cyanobacteria on the growth and yield of paddy oryza sativa l in DayalbaghYadav, SanjaySatsangi, Guru Prasad
30-Jul-2014Antibacterial photodynamic therapy against streptococcus sanguinis induced by synthetic and natural photosensitizer using low power laser radiationPengoria, EktaSrivastava, J N; Roy, Sukhdev