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27-Feb-2015Structural status of potential triplexforming dna segments in human cox 2 promoter regionMahendru, SwatiKukreti, Shrikant and Chauhan, S M S
24-Feb-2015Detection and extraction toxic metal lons as, sb , v from aqueous media using naturally occurring clay and thier compositesAnjum ,AnsarDatta, Monika
24-Feb-2015An empirical study on the regime shifts and financial contagion in global equity marketsAhmad, WasimSehgal, Sanjay
24-Feb-2015Studies on the synthesis of some novel fluoride host lattices fluoride doped oxides and their applicationsAhmad, ShahzadNagarajan, R
24-Feb-2015A library of aryls alkyl aryls and heteroaryls as biodynamic agentsKumar,DeepakRawat, Diwan S
24-Feb-2015Biocatalytic acylation studies on novel sugar precursors and una u and synthesis of 2 alkylamino arabinofuranosyl pyrimidines and 5 thionucleoside disulfidesReddy Lokasani,Chandra shekharPrasad, Ashok K
24-Feb-2015Copper ii complexes of schiff bases derived from a benzimidazolyl amineand its n substitutted derivate: structural,spectral and morphological and catalytic studiesKumar, RavindarMathur, Pavan
1-Jan-2015Design and synthesis of pyrazines, Imidazolones, chromones and their anticancer and transacetylase activitiesSharma, SwetaThirumal, M and Parmar, V S
31-Dec-2014Synthesis, covalent and non:covalent interactions of selected porphyrinoids and related compoundsRawat, Amit KumarChauhan, S M S
31-Dec-2014Synthesis and selective Biocatalytic Acylation:Deacylation studies on 4 C Hydroxymethylated xylo Furanosides, Triazolylnucleosides, Coumarins and Dihydrocoumarins of medicinal ImportanceMathur, Divyaprasad, Ashok K
31-Dec-2014Design, synthesis and biological activity evaluation of hybrid molecules based on 4:aminoquinoline, curcumin, chalcone and cyclohexanediamineManohar, SunnyRawat, Diwan S
31-Dec-2014Oxidations and syntheses of n:o containing heterocycles using ionic liquids, water and peg 400 as green mediaChaudhary, AnkitaKhurana, J M
30-Dec-2014Regioselective synthesis of polyheterocycles by the electrophilic iodocyclization of alkynes and metal catalyzed diversificationAggarwal, Traptiverma, Akhilesh Kumar
30-Dec-2014Removal of toxic metals and organic derivatives from wastewater using different chitosans and its crosslinked derivativesDhamande, VaishaliJassal, P S
30-Dec-2014Synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and their applications in cancer therapy and as antibacterial agentsGupta, NikeshSharma, Rakesh Kumar and Shrivastava, Anju
30-Dec-2014Synthesis, characterization and applications of silica based organic inorganic hybrid materials as chelating resins for metal ion extraction and catalysts for various organic transformationsPandey, AmitSharma, R K
30-Dec-2014Studies on protein acetyltransferase function of calreticulinJoshi, RiniRawat, Diwan S and
29-Dec-2014Synthesis, structural, spectral and catalytic studies of some copper metallatriangle complexes of a new Bis_benzimidazolyl diamide ligand with a biphenyl spacer and its N substituted derivativesKuldeepMathur, Pavan
29-Dec-2014Crystallographic spectroscopic and antimalarial activity of 4 aminoquinoline derivativesSingh, ShailjaAwasthi, Satish Kumar
29-Dec-2014Cyclic and acyclic rhenium i based complexesShankar, BSathiyendiran, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63