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18-Jan-2013Transformations in Organic CompoundsJahan, AnwarKidwai, M
18-Jan-2013Synthesis characterization and applications of nickel nanoparticles in Knoevenagel condensation and Michael addition reactionsVij, KanikaKhurana, J M
18-Jan-2013Theoretical studies on molecular designing of novel electrically Conducting polymers and biopolymers using genetic algorithmKapoor, VinitaBakhshi, A K
18-Jan-2013Application of derivative spectroscopy of unsaturated carbonyl compounds a case study of testosterone and its interaction with various speciesSunil KumarHarish Chandra
4-Dec-2013Solid state chemistry of novel bismuth containing oxides: synthesis, structure and investigation of potential photocatalytic applicationsThakral, VaishaliUma, S
4-Dec-2013Base-mediated regio-and stereoselective intermolecular hydroamination of alkynesJoshi, MeghaVerma, Akhilesh Kumar
18-Jan-2013Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of Cyclohexane-1,2-diamine, Metronidazole, Curcumin and Thymol DerivativesBeenaRawat, Diwan S
19-Nov-2014Palladium ii and platinum ii complexes of sym n,n,n triarylguanidines: efforts directed towards the understanding of mechanistic aspects of c h activation processElumalai, PThirupathi, N
21-May-2013Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of novel B-functionalized 5,10,15,20- tetraarylporphyrins and diporphyrin analoguesAnkur GargMahendra Nath
21-May-2013Synthesis of novel pyridin-2-(1H)-one, benzopyran-2(1H)-one, and quinolin-2(1H)-one derivatives & sar study of their anticancer and antiplatelet activitiesKaram ChandSharma, Sunil K