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10-Dec-2018Designing of Enhanced Approach for Cloud Based Computation of BigdataSheikh IkhlaqBright Keswani
17-Jun-2019An Approach for Performance Timing in Big Data Analytics Over CloudPankaj DadheechDinesh Goyal
12-Jun-2018Analytical Method Development and Validation Protocol for Some Selected Anti Diabetics and Anti inflammatory DrugsBendale Atul RupchandDr. Ravindra pal singh, Dr. G. Vidyasagar
25-May-2018Structure Based Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Substituted Porphyrin Analogues as Potent G Quadruplex Binding Telomerase InhibitorsMr. Bhadane Rajendra NathuDr. Ritu M. Gilhotra, Dr. Dhanajay B. Meshram
13-Jul-2018Use of Biochemical and Molecular Markers for Characterization of Parental Lines of Promising Maize Zea mays L HybridsMs. Triveni SharmaDr. S.C. Dwivedi , Dr. R.P. Vyas
27-Apr-2018Development Optimization and Assessment of Fast Dissolving Tablets of Some Antiemetic DrugsShiv Shankar HardeniaDr. Ravindra Pal Singh, Dr. G.N. Darwhekar
27-Apr-2018Design and Performance Evaluation of Best Job First Dynamic Round Robin BJFDRR Scheduling Algorithm with Optimal Time Quantum Using Mean AverageAmit Kumar GuptaDr. Dinesh Goyal / Dr. Narendra Singh Yadav
27-Apr-2018A Study of Impact on Ground Water Due to Effluent Released from Bagru Industrial Area Phase II Extn and VKIA Industrial Area of Jaipur District and Its Available Treatment ProcessSupriya SharmaDr. Gaurav Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav
13-Aug-2018SMEDDS elf Micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems Based Drug Delivery of Some Antidiabetic BioactivesVikas PandeyDr. Ritu M. Gilhotra/Dr. Seema Kohali
13-Aug-2018Formulation and Evaluation of Topical Gel Containing Some Plant Enzymes for Wound Healing ActivityMr. Mahendra C. GundeDr. Ritu M. Gilhotra/Dr. N.D. Amnekar