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26-Jul-2019Studies on chemical synthesis of peptidomemitics Synthesis of amino acid derived sulfonyl azides cyanomethyl ketones and Weinreb amides and their applications for the synthesis of novel peptidomimeticsSharnabai. K. M.Sureshbabu, V. V.
26-Jul-2019Synthesis of a few diverse heterocyclic compounds using one pot multicomponent strategiesKhan, Riyaz-ur-RahamanPasha, M. A.
26-Jul-2019Studies on the one pot multicomponent synthesis of some nitrogen and oxygen containing heterocycles using green techniquesSanthosh, G.Pasha, M. A.
26-Jul-2019Synthesis of small molecules against novel drug targets Potential applications of bio active compoundsKeerthy H. K.Basappa
26-Jul-2019Synthesis and characterization of polymer supported metal complexes and to study their catalytic activityShilpa M. L.Gayathri, V .
26-Jul-2019Synthesis and biological studies of oxazine chromone piperazine and other heterocycle based novel small moleculesSrinivasa V.Basappa
26-Jul-2019Structure stability and CO2 Uptake properties of layered double hydroxidesShivanna M.Vishnu Kamath, P.
26-Jul-2019Synthesis of some important biologically active heterocycles through green protocolsTabassum, SumaiyaPasha, M. A.
26-Jul-2019Nanosheets and layered hybrids of layered chalcogenides and oxides through large scale chemical exfoliationArokia Anto Jeffery, A.Rajamathi, Michael
8-Jan-2016Synthesis crystal structure analysis and pharmacological screening of thiazolopyrimidine derivativesNagarajaiahBegum, Noor Shahina