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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Nov-2017Investigations on chopperless and input chopper for wind solar hybrid systemKumar, P VinothA, Suresh
6-May-2016Design and development of reconfigurable parameterization approach based VLSI architecture for FFT and DWT algorithmsVenkatesh, JRani, Hemamalini,R
17-Feb-2015A multi agent system based upstream congestion control in wireless sensor networksVijaya, Raja VHemamalini, Rani R
17-Feb-2015Experimental investigation of an engine fueled with diesel, produced bio:diesel by using two different catalyst and its blendsMurali, Manohar RSendilvelan, S
17-Feb-2015Performance and emissions evaluation of di compression ignition engine fuelled with blends of biodiesel extracted from mahua oil and dieselMallikarjun, M VRao, Lakshmi Narayana G
17-Feb-2015A new face recognition system using signcrypted video steganographyR, KavithaSrivatsa, S k
17-Feb-2015Performance combustion and emission evaluation of di compression ignition engine fuelled with diesel and biodiesel blendsMamilla, Venkata RameshRao, G Lakshmi Narayana
9-May-2016Studies on the biodiversity of fungi from tannery effluent and their chromium and dye reduction efficiencyDeepa, STharadevi, C S and Vincent, Indira
3-Jun-2016Factors influencing consumer behavior in household productsAravindhadhamodaran, RVenkatramaraju, D and Maran, K
16-May-2016Effect of humic acid on in vitro propagation of musa accuminata and its synergistic interaction with growth regulatorsDhanapal SD,Sathish Sekar