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25-Jun-2019Improved maximum power point by optimal tracking solar concentrators angle and location using soft computing techniquesM K, BalachandranL, Rajaji
25-Jun-2019LiFi system with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OFDM for high speed and low power data communicationsS, YogeeswaranG P, Ramesh
25-Jun-2019Certain investigations on bridgeless power factor correction based CUK converterD, SaravananD, Saravanan
25-Jun-2019Synthesis and characterisation of mechanical and wear behavior of AL6061 reinforced with silicon carbide and graphene nano particle particulate compositesA, RadhaK, R Vijayakumar
25-Jun-2019Combined experimental and computational methods for the characterization of asthmatic nail and hair tissue samples and study on the efficacy of the drug therapyP, Sasi RekhaS, Gunasekaran
25-Jun-2019Performance evaluation on 49 level asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter with flyback converter for photovoltaic systemG, BalasundaramArumugam, S
25-Jun-2019Design and implementation of gamma z source inverter for solar power applicationsKarthick, NRamakrishnan, V
25-Jun-2019Bitmap preprocessing strategy for iceberg query evaluationKale, Sarika PrakashP, M Joe Prathap
25-Jun-2019Durability study on high performance concrete containing minerals and chemical admixtures with granite powder as fine aggregateA, ArivumangaiT, Felixkala
25-Jun-2019Design and implementation of efficient approaches to detect anomalies and eliminate data redundancy in large volume of dataM, NaliniAnbu, S