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6-Mar-2020Power quality improvement using power system compensators on distribution networkSattiyaraj, SSankar, S
6-Mar-2020An effective context driven recommender system for e commerce applicationsRaja, Kumar RPushpa, S
6-Mar-2020Wavelet transform with m bands for image encoding and decodingVinothkumae, JPaul, Kumar Charlie C
6-Mar-2020Investigation on blood and nail tissues of anemic patients and analysis on the structure and efficacy of 2s 2 4 2 amino 4 oxo 1h pteridin 6 yl methylamino benzoyl amiino pentanedioic acid by fourier transform infrared attenuated total reflectance spectroscopic techniqueRamesh, PGunasekaran, S
6-Mar-2020Pharmacological evaluation and molecular docking study of bioactive constituent of the seeds of commiphora mukul using gcms and investigation on the efficacy of thyronil by ftir atr and uv vis spectroscopic methodsJanani, PGunasekaran, S
6-Mar-2020Secret data hiding with image using media data chunking and data compression embedding algorithmsSuresh, GParthasarathy, K A
6-Mar-2020Employee engagement strategies adopted in it companies in ChennaiKumar, K R KishoreMuthu, N
6-Mar-2020An efficient technique for trust based cloud providers ranking in federated cloudVianny, D Maria ManuelAramudhan, M
6-Mar-2020Comparative study of railgun design parameters for different rails and armature geometries using finite element methodKumar, M N SaravanaMurugan, R
6-Mar-2020Wireless network analysis to improve node performance with efficient energy consumption using multicast techniqueKalilulah, IsmailRabi, Justus