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17-Oct-2016morphological diversity and Distribution patterns of strombid gastropods in Gulf of mannar biosphere reserve tamil naduLidwin anna mary, SMohanraj, J
23-Dec-2015Biocomposting of Eichhornia Spp and Ipomoea Spp by ten different technologies and its impact on the growth of Abelmoschus Esculentus L_MoenchViveka, SVijayalakshmii, G S
23-Dec-2015Immunomodulatory effect of certain plant leaf extracts on freshwater fish infected by bacterialPratheepa, VSukumaran, N
30-Jan-2017Application of UASB and EASB reactors for the treatment of dairy industrial effluentKavitha, KMurugesan, A G
13-Feb-2017Hydrogen production employing isolated alga_ photosynthetic and fermentative bacteria by single and two stage fermentation using corn stalk and industrial effluentsBala Amutha, KMurugesan, A G
20-Feb-2017Microbial production of ethanol from selected lignocellulosic agrowastesSathesh Prabu, CMurugesan, A G
31-Dec-2015Biological control of water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes in chosen ponds of Tamirabarani river basinRuby, JohnMurugesan, A G
28-Feb-2018Assessment of stream ecosystem condition using the fish genetic diversity as indicator in selected river systems of southern western ghats indiaEdwinthangam PSoranam R
13-Feb-2017Integrated biological control of bacterial blight disease through induced systemic resistance by the mixture of PGPR strains and Vitex Negundo L_ extract under field conditionNisha, SSenthil Nathan, S
13-Feb-2017Fabrication and characterization of bio_compatible silver nanoparticles using bio_systems and their environmental applicationVanaja, MAnnadurai, G