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23-Dec-2015Biocomposting of Eichhornia Spp and Ipomoea Spp by ten different technologies and its impact on the growth of Abelmoschus Esculentus L_MoenchViveka, SVijayalakshmii, G S
23-Dec-2015Immunomodulatory effect of certain plant leaf extracts on freshwater fish infected by bacterialPratheepa, VSukumaran, N
30-Jan-2017Application of UASB and EASB reactors for the treatment of dairy industrial effluentKavitha, KMurugesan, A G
31-Dec-2015Biological control of water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes in chosen ponds of Tamirabarani river basinRuby, JohnMurugesan, A G
13-Feb-2017Cytoprotective effect of nelumbo nucifera and aegle marmelos in heavy metals induced toxicity in common carp _Cyprinus carpio L_Vinodhini, RNarayanan, M
17-Dec-2015Effect of herbicide Butachlor on four different species of earthworms_its histological and residual perspicuityGobi, MVijayalakshmi, G S
30-Jan-2017Studies on thermal ecology of the marine environment of Kudankulam atomic power project area south IndiaZahir Hussain, M IMurugesan, A G
30-Jan-2017Studies on culm anatomy epicuticular waxes fibre characteristics in vitro regeneration and molecular characterization of a sedge _Cyperus Pangorei rottb_ used in super fine silk mats of PathamadaiFathima Benazir, JRavichandran, P
30-Jan-2017Nutrient removal potential of water hyacinth Eichhornia Crassipes in the treatment of sewage and paper mill effluentRajakumari, CMurugesan, A G
30-Jan-2017Organic tea cultivation applying five different types of vermicompost and biofertilizersRavi kumar, CVijayalakshmi, G S