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11-Jun-2019Studies On Some Physical Properties Of Spray Deposited Pbs Thin Films Doped With Zn Fe Gd and Co IonsRavishankar S.Balu A.R.
11-Jun-2019Synthesis and Characterization Of Some Doped Nano Metal Oxides Some Applications And Comparison With Bhasmas For StandardizationRamanathan R.Ramasamy R.
11-Jun-2019Investigation On The Growth And Characterisation Of Certain Nonlinear Optical Single Crystals Suited For Optoelectronic ApplicationsDeepa B.Philominathan P.
11-Jun-2019Enhancement Of Transparent Conducting Properties Of Silar And Sol Gel Deposited Zno Thin Films Through Vacuum Annealing And Zr Plus F DopingRajkumar P.V.Ravichandran K.
11-Jun-2019Experimental And Theoretical Studies On Fluorination Of Some Antiepileptic Drugs Includes Morphology Transvascular Route Cytotoxicity Binding Docking And Molecular InteractionsNatchimuthu V.Ravi S.
11-Jun-2019Combined Effects Of Certain Cationic Sb Mo And Anionic F Dopants On The Transparent Conducting Properties Of Zno Thin Films For Photovoltaic ApplicationsDineshbabu N.Ravichandran K.
11-Jun-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Composites Of Hydroxyapatite With Polymer DerivativesRagu A.Sakthivel P.
11-Jun-2019Microwave Assisted Synthesis And Characterization Of Silver Nanoparticles Using Biological ExtractsAnitha P.Sakthivel P.
10-Jun-2019Deposition and Characterization of Zno Thin Films for Chemiresistive based Vapour Detection ApplicationFairose S.Suhashini Ernest
10-Jun-2019Nonlinear magnetization dynamics in one dimensional Magnonic crystalsGiridharan D.Daniel M.