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21-Jun-2019Seasonal Impact Assessment and Monitoring Pollutant Migration By Modeling Software Proximity To Rural South Bank Canal Between Karur And Tiruchirappalli Districts Tamil NaduMohamed Mubashir M.M.Sirajudeen J.
15-Jul-2019Cobalt III Schiff Base Complexes Containing Long Chain Aliphatic Amine Ligands Synthesis DNA and BSA Binding And Biological StudiesMonoj Kumar Y.Arunachalam S.
15-Jul-2019Studies On The Reactions Of Copper I Carbenoids Stereoselective Synthesis Of Spiroindolopyrrolidines Imidazolidines Triazolidines Oxazolidines Azetidines and Macrocycles Incorporating Spiro IndoloheterocyclesGanesh Kumar S.Muthusamy S.
15-Jul-2019Synthesis Characterization And Biological Activity Of Some New Heterocyclic CompoundsNagoor Meeran M.Zahir Hussain A.
15-Jul-2019A study on the Adsorption of Mn II Zn II and Cd II Ions onto two Novel Eco Friendly AdsorbentsLakshmi Prabha P.Amala Fatima Rani S.
16-Jul-2019Solvothermal And Solvent Free Mechano Chemical Greener Synthesis Characterisation And Applications Of Metal Organic MaterialsRooba Vithiya R.Madhurambal G.
16-Jul-2019Chalcone Derivatives As Corrosion Inhibitors On Mild Steel In Sulphuric Acid A Novel StudySurya Priyadharshini R.Mohamed Sirajudeen P.
16-Jul-2019Groundwater Quality And Its Suitability For Drinking And Agricultural Use In Udayarpalayam Taluk Ariyalur District TamilnaduSuriyakala K.Sekar K.G.
16-Jul-2019Synthesis Characterization and Electrochemical investigation of Naphthaldehyde based Macrocyclic Ligands and their complexes of Co III Ni II Cu II and Zn II metal IonsRakesh Sharma L.Paul Angelo A.N.
16-Jul-2019Processes Influencing Corrosion and Passivity at Metal Atmosphere and Metal Electrolyte Interfaces Investigations using Mathematical Models and Computer SimulationsSherwood D.Bosco Emmauel


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