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18-Jun-2019Aetiology Molecular Identification And Virulence Mechanisms In Fungal KeratitisVasantha Ruban V.Geraldine P.
26-Dec-2018Studies on Freshwater mussel Lamellidens marginalis Lamarck 1819 Mollusca Bivalvia Unionidae from Lower Anicut Reservoir Southeast IndiaDhanalakshmi M.Baskara Sanjeevi S.
13-May-2019Seasonal Variations in the Limnological Characteristics of selected Aquatic Ecosystems of Kaveri DeltaSheeja B.D.Narayanan R.
13-May-2019Influence of Micronutrient restriction on the onset of Insulin Resistance in later life a study in an experimental mouse modelMohamed Jaabir M.S.Geraldine P.
13-May-2019Identification Purification and Characterization of 2u Globulin in the Urine of Male House Rat Rattus Rattus LRajkumar R.Archunan G.
7-Dec-2018Isolation Screening And Characterization Of Potential Probiotic Organisms From Selected Inland Fishes And Its Impact On Fish Bacterial PathogenPazhanisamy A.Babu S.
7-Dec-2018Effect of Gut Probiotics on Growth Survival body composition and Histopathological properties of Indian Major Carp Labeo Rohita Hamilton 1822Rajikkannu M.Nirmala Natarajan
7-Dec-2018Early Identification And Intervention Of Children With Specific Learning DisabilitiesNageswari M.Sheila Christopher
22-Aug-2019Assessment Of Putative Anticataractogenic Potential Of Chrysin Loaded and#914; Cyclodextrin Based Nanosponges In Selenite Induced Cataractogenesis In Rat ModelSundararajan M.Geraldine P.
22-Aug-2019Investigation Of Estrus Urinary Lipocalin Protein Eulp In House Rat Rattus Rattus And Its Structural Documentation Adopting In Silico StudyRajesh D.Archunan G.