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24-Jun-2019Isolation and Molecular Characterization of the Pesticide Lambda Cyhalothrin Degrading Microbes and Evolving Methods for its Enhanced Biodegradation and ToleranceManigandan G.Nelson R.
18-Jun-2019Effect of curcuma longa l Mediated silver nanoparticles against marine biofilming bacteria and root canal biofilming bacteriaWinny Fred Crossia A.Arthur James R.
26-Dec-2018Cultivation and Biotechnological application of Volvariella volvacea and V bombycinaKarnan M.Senthilkumar G.
22-Aug-2019PGPR Inoculated Micronutrient Enriched Cereals Response on Hepcidin Anaemic and Metallothionein Diabetic in Mice Model An Agromedicine ApproachRobert Antony A.Rajesh Kannan V.
22-Aug-2019Studies on the effect of Biofertilizer and Seagrass on growth and Development of Lycopersicon esculentum LKavitha G.Kanimozhi K.
22-Aug-2019Effect of Pesticides on Bacteria involved in Nitrogen Fixation on Vigna Radiata LIndira Devi M.Madhanraj P.
22-Aug-2019Biodiversity And Characterization Of Endophytic Fungal Secondary Metabolites Against Clinical Isolates of and#914; Lactamases Producing Gram Negative BacteriaVijayalakshmi S.Panneerselvam A.
22-Aug-2019Pharmacognostical Characterization of Cyanobacterial Secondary Metabolites and Phycocyanin Pigment for Biomedical ApplicationsPrasannabalaji N.Muralitharan G.
22-Aug-2019Biodiversity and Biotechnological Applications Of Ganoderma Lucidum Curt Fr P KarstNithya M.Ambikapathy V.
22-Aug-2019Screening Of Pathogenic Activity Of Beauveria BassianaSoundari K.Senthilkumar G.


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