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25-Aug-2015Development and pharmacological evaluation of osmotic pump of diltiazem a calcium channel blocking agent as controlled drug delivery systemVaya,NavinParmar,N S
25-Aug-2015Pharmacognostical and pharmacological study of prosopis spicigera LinnDangar,Raju DPatel,K N
25-Aug-2015Pharmacological evaluation of a new series of sulphonylurea derivatives with special referance to their hypoglycaemic and antidiabetic propertiesGandhi,T PJindal,M N
25-Aug-2015Synthesis of 3 aminoisothiazoles and 3 aminothiophenes from a cyanothioamides and a cyanoketene thioacetals for antimicrobial and pharmacological screening a study on the synthesis of condensed pyrimidines by reaction of nitriles with o aminocarbonyl compounds under acidic conditionsAnanthan,SDevani,M B
25-Aug-2015Pharmacognostical phytochemical and pharmacological studies on clerodendrum phlomidis premna integrifolia clerodendrum serratum and premna herbaceaGokani,Rina HShah,Mamta B
25-Aug-2015Quality control and standardisation of certain hepatoprotective herbals and their formulationsK N,PatelGhauhan,Malti G
23-Jul-2015Phytochemical and pharmacological studies of brassica oleracea with special reference to antiulcer activityV Patel,KirtiK Goyal,Ramesh
23-Jul-2015Investigation of some pharmacological and surgical interventions in patients with ventricular dysfunction and myocardial infarctionGandhi,Purvi SGoyal,Ramesh K
10-Aug-2015Pharmacological investigations in to gastrointestinal cytoprotective activity of triphala formulationsBabulal,Nariya MukeshkumarJain,Sunita M