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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Aug-2015Therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of essential fatty acids EFAs in human diseasesJainarayan,Vyas DineshRajani,A P
14-Aug-2015Synthesis of thieno 2 3 D pyrimidines and thiazolo 4 5 D pyrimidin 7 6H one 2 3H thiones for antimicrobial and pharmacological screeningShishoo,C JDevani,M B
25-Aug-2015Synthesis of 3 aminoisothiazoles and 3 aminothiophenes from a cyanothioamides and a cyanoketene thioacetals for antimicrobial and pharmacological screening a study on the synthesis of condensed pyrimidines by reaction of nitriles with o aminocarbonyl compounds under acidic conditionsAnanthan,SDevani,M B
25-Aug-2015Synthesis and evaluation of some novel heterocyclic compounds of biological interest by rational approachJani,Mitesh HChhabria,M T
25-Aug-2015Synthesis of some novel pyrimidines and condensed pyrimidines of biological interestChhabria,Mahesh TShishoo,C J
25-Aug-2015Spectrophotometric determination of medicinally active nitro esters in bulk dosage forms biological fluidsPatel,A ADevani,M B
25-Aug-2015Synthesis of novel condensed pyrimidines for biological activityJain,Seema RShishoo,C J
25-Aug-2015Studies on the synthesis and biological activities of triazolothienopyrimidines and triazolothienodiazepinesUllas,G VShishoo,C J
25-Aug-2015Synthesis of some condensed pyrimidines and nucleosides as potential bio active moleculesRavikumar,TShishoo,C J
25-Aug-2015Analysis of some antibacterial drugs in pharmaceutical formulations and biological fluidShah,Dineshkumar RSuhagia,B N