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27-Dec-2019Synthesis and Characterization of New Schiff bases for Ion Recognition I CN Zn2 and Cu2 Corrosion Inhibitors and In Vitro Biological ApplicationsVetriarasu VAshok Kumar S K
27-Dec-2019Investigation of Nylon 6 With Phenol Phenolic Resins And Their Co Polymer Blends to Evaluate their Hydrophobic and Dielectric PropertiesThiruvengadam .VMalathi .M
27-Dec-2019Development and in Vitro Invivo Evaluation of H2 Receptor Antagonist Loaded Raft Forming Controlled Release Oral Suspension for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease GERD ManagementTorne Sangmesh RaosahebSheela .A
27-Dec-2019Synthesis of Indole and Isatin Based Nitrogen Heterocycles Using Heterogeneous Catalysts and Their Synthetic TransformationsSuresh Yadav .CKannadasan.S
27-Dec-2019Predatory Interactions Influenced by Supplementary Food With Applications to Agricultural Pest Control Modelling and AnalysisKottu Durga PrasadPrasad B.S.R.V
27-Dec-2019Phytochemical and Biological Evaluation of Andrographis Echioides L NeesMathivanan .DSuseem .S.R
27-Dec-2019Tailor Made Mesoporous Monoliths and Benign Nanoparticles of Tio2 and Zno Materials for UV Visible Light Induced Photodegradation of Organic Dye PollutantsThejaswini T V LPrabhakaran.D
27-Dec-2019Impregnation of Nanoscale Materials on Cellulose and Activated Carbon Prepared from Renewable Biomass for Environmental applicationsPrashantha Kumar .T .K. MAshok Kumar S. K.
27-Dec-2019Development and Validation of Stability Indicating LC Method for the Analysis of Various Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by HPLC UPLCNavneet KumarSangeetha .D
27-Dec-2019Design Synthesis and Biological Studies of Benzo B 1 4 Azaborininols Aminophenols and OxazolidinonesMurugan .CSathiyanarayanan .K