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25-Jul-2017Viscosity_density and ultrasonic velocity studies of chloroacetic acids in ethanol_nitrobenzene mixturesHiray, Ashok RamdasNikam, P S
27-Aug-2019Density viscosity and spectroscopic studies of DMSO with normal and branched esters at different temperatureVijaykumar, Patil VivekHasan, Mehdi
16-May-2017Financing policies and procedures of co_operative banks in Malegaon city with special reference to Mamco BankHusain, Shakeb Ahmed MumtazMore, V S
24-Jul-2017Application of viscosity density and ultrasonic velocity measurements in organic binary mixturesJadhav, Meera ChimanraoNikam, P S
26-Aug-2019Physico_chemical studies of 3_formyl chromone derivatives with some protic and aprotic solvent mixtures at 298_15_303_15 and 308_15 kWagh, Sunil GovindSawant, A B
26-Aug-2019Density_viscosity and spectroscopic studies of t_butanol with normal and branched esters at different temperaturesKurhe, Keshav JijabaHasan, Mehdi
23-Aug-2017The study of fresh fruit exports by selected co operatives in Maharashtra State in relation to emerging trade practices trends and trade issuesKadam, Deepak RBhavsar, Anil C
30-Jan-2017An evaluatory study of fruits processing industry In south Konkan regionGokhale, Anagha UdayBhavsar, Anil C.
11-Apr-2016DFT and ab initio studies on the formation of nitrogen oxygen heterocycles from chalconesNirwan Ramesh ShankarSawant A. B. and Gill C. H.
19-Nov-2018Transport and thermodynamic propertis of alkyl formates with normal and branched butanols at 298 15 303 15 308 15 and 313 15 KThakare,Satishkumar DamodarHasan,Mehdi