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16-Mar-2018Electroanalysis of organic pollutantsGurumallesh Prabu, HManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Studies on removal of selected heavy metals by palmyra palm fruit seed carbonKannan, AThambidurai, S
20-Mar-2018Synthesis and electrochemical characterizations of substituted and surface modified nano structured Li_Mn_O spinel cathode materials for rechargeable lithium battery energy storage devicesArumugam, DParuthimal Kalaignan, G
20-Mar-2018Investigations on anodic oxidation of aluminium and its alloys in sulphamic acid with audition agents in direct and pulse currentKanagaraj, DVenkatakrishna Iyer, S
20-Mar-2018Some aspects in polymer chemistry_studies on electrochemical synthesis and behaviour of poly_diphenylamine_and poly_diphenylamine_co_ring substituted anilines_by cyclic voltammetryVictoria, RGopalan, A
21-Mar-2018Chemical Polymerization of aniline o_Tuluidine in the presence of natural_synthetic fibresAnbarasan, RGopalan, A
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical behaviour of aromatic nitro compounds as cathode active materials in magnesium reserve batteriesThirunakaran, RGopukumar, S
16-Mar-2018Design and development of metal anodes for batteries and their electrochemical evaluationSivashanmugam, AGopukumar, S
16-Mar-2018Studies on the course of soluble conducting polymer formation through ultraviolet_visible spectroscopySivakumar, CGopalan, A
16-Mar-2018Some aspects of mechanism of corrosion and inhibition of pure iron by acetylenic alcohols in methanol_water_acid systemsElangovan, KMuralidharan, V S