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13-Oct-2016American Dream Myth or RealityRupali MirzaProf S.Z.H Abidi
13-Oct-2016Physicochemical Assessment of Polymeric Food Packaging MaterialSAIMAH KHANProf Abdul Rahman Khan,
13-Oct-2016Cellular and Molecular Responses of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Biological SystemsAshutosh KumarDr Mohd Sajid Khan
19-May-2016Orientalism in American Literature between the American Revolution and Civil WarHafiz Mohd. ArifAbidi, S.Z.H.
15-Jul-2015An approach and evaluation of Intelligent sensors and their applicationsSaifur RahmanS.Hasan Saeed and Siddiqui, Mohd. Jawaid
22-Jun-2016Screening of Phytase Producing Soil Isolates and Fermentative Production of PhytaseSuman LataRastogi, Smita
22-Jun-2016Molecular Profiling of Killer Immunoglobulin like receptors and their HLA class 1 Ligands for their Clinical Relevance to the Graft fuction after Renal TransplantationShahnawaz AlamMohd. Imran and Agrawal, Suraksha
22-Jun-2016Variation in Secondary Metabolites of Bergenia Ciliata collected from different altitudes of Himalaya and explorations of Biosynthetic biogenesis Pathways of Secondary Metabolites of Andrographic Paniculata Artemisia Annua and Birgenia CiliataSrinastava, NishiKhan, Abdul Rahman and Rawat, A.K.S.
22-Jun-2016A Study of Job Satisfaction among Primary School Teachers in Relation to their Educational Qualification Mental health and Occupations StressFaizia QamarJarrar Ahmad
25-May-2016Nerve conduction studies and Cholinesterase inhibition in Population Occupationally exposed to mixture of pesticidesPathak, Manoj KumarMohammad Kuddus and Kesavachandran C.