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31-May-2019Study of growth and magnetic properties of pure and ni ti doped bifeo3 nanostructured thin filmsRAZAD P MSARAVANAKUMAR K
31-May-2019Synthesis and characterization of silver tungstate nanoparticles and their compositesSREEDEVI ATHOMAS VARGHESE
31-May-2019Electrical Conductivity as a Pedotransfer Function in Predicting Soil Sodium Adsorption Ratio A Field Scale Modeling ApproachUSHA LHARESH M PANDYA
3-Apr-2019Role of Ultrasonic Wave Irradiation on Structure And Morphology of Cds And M Doped Cds_M_Ni_Cu_For Photocatalytic Activity_Biological Activity And P_N Junction Diode ApplicationsMOHANRAJ VJAYAPRAKASH R
3-Apr-2019Synthesis_Characterization And Testing of Mno2_Polymer And Mno2_Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites For Non_Enzymatic Electrochemical BiosensorsREVATHI CRAJENDRAKUMAR R.T
3-Apr-2019Preparation and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Thin Films And Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles For Antibacterial ActivityAMUTHA CNATARAJAN B
3-Apr-2019Growth, physiochemical and antioxidant characterization of certain pyridinium single crystals for optoelectronics and biological applicationsCHANDRA LPERUMAL K
1-Apr-2019Explorations on the Growth and Characterization of Technologically Imperative Materials for Probable Nonlinear Optical ApplicationsSaravanan MAbraham Rajasekar S
29-Apr-2019Synthesis and Characterization of The Structural Optical and Magnetic Properties of Zn Ni And Mn Ni Co Doped Tin Oxide NanopowdersBhuvana SRamalingam H B
29-Apr-2019Ft Ir Ft Raman Uv And Nmr Analysis Of Certain Antiviral Compounds Using Quantum Computational MethodsD. BAKKIYARAJS. PERIANDY