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1-Apr-2019Explorations on the Growth and Characterization of Technologically Imperative Materials for Probable Nonlinear Optical ApplicationsSaravanan MAbraham Rajasekar S
1-Apr-2019Physicochemical Characterization Of Sulphates Of Zn Cu And Ni Crystals Upon The Addition Of Certain Amino Acids And An Exploration On Their Application DomainP. SAGUNTHALAV. VEERAVAZHUTHI
3-Apr-2019Studies Of Non Covalent Interactions Hydrogen E Hole Bondings In Organic Molecules Crystal StructuresB. VIJAYA PANDIYANP. KOLANDAIVEL
16-Oct-2015Ultrasonic Studies On Some Alkyl Formates With Primary Alcohols At Various TemperaturesMr. S. ElangovanDr. S. Mullainathan
16-Oct-2015Environmental And Technical Aspects In The Utilisation Of Rock Processing Residues As A Raw Material For Ceramic Product By Employing Physico Mechanical Parameters And Spectroscopic MethodsR.VijayaragavanDr. S. Mullainathan
16-Oct-2015Quantum Chemical Studies On Optical And Charge Transport Properties Of Organic Molecules And Organic Metal InterfacesG. SaranyaDr. K. Senthilkumar
16-Oct-2015Growth Characterization Of Cd Chalcogenide Ii Vi Films And Fabrication Of DevicesT.M.Raja KumarDr.(Mrs) R.Chandramani
1-Mar-2019Preparation And Characterization Of Tin Sulphide Cadmium Oxide Zinc Oxide Thin Films By Spray Pyrolysis TechniqueM.SudhaP.Duraisamy
25-Jul-2016Studies on vacuum evaporated neodymium fluoride and samarium fluoride thin filmsKumar, G Emmanuel SampathRamanujam, R
9-May-2015Quantum Mechanical Studies And Vibrational Analysis Of Certain Hetero Cyclic CompoundsR. KarunathanDr. V. Sathyanarayanamoorthi