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3-Jun-2019Folk prescription of zootherapeutic resources as used by tribals of Malwa region Madhya PradeshBharti, ShahnazAzmi, Hasan Khalid
1-Nov-2017Ethnozoological survey of South Eastern districts of Chhattisgarh with special reference to drugs of animal origin as used by the tribalsSingh, RinooAzmi, Hasan Khalid
23-Mar-2015Study of reproduction and thymi functions in male garden lizardRam LalNirmal, B K
19-Apr-2018Studies on the effects of certain yogic practices on diabetes mellitus associated psycho physiological disorders in human subjectsTiwari, Satyarth PrakashRoy, Dayalanand
11-Jul-2017Studies on the Ectoparasites Anthropodansof goats in Devipattam mandasl of UPFarook, Syed MohammadBeg, Mirza Ansar
23-Aug-2017Toxicity and long term effects of pesticides on protein and nucleic acid metabolism in liver and ovary of a tropical fresh water catfish clarias batrachus BlochGupta, AartiTiwari, J N
30-Nov-2017Melatonin Sex steroids and innate immune function in the fresh water snake natrix piseatorSingh, AlkaSingh, Ramesh
11-Jan-2016Environmental biology of Wallago attu of river Gomti at JaunpurGaurav KumarSiddiqui, A. R.
18-Aug-2017Melatonin sex steroids and innate immune responses of splenic macrophages in the fresh water snake Natrix PiscatorTripathi, Manish KumarSingh, Ramesh
17-Aug-2017Protective action of withania somnifera Ashwagandha sulforaphane Broccoli sprout and cabbage and other ayurvedic products against aflatoxin induced genotoxicity A study in the in vitro and in vivo systemGautam, Brij RajAhmad, M Sultan