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17-Aug-2017Morphometric meristic and biochemical studies of freshwater catfish eutropiichthys vacha BleekerAbbas, AshrafSerajuddin, M
18-Aug-2017Detergent induced biochemical and hematological changes and reproductive physiology of an Indian catfish Heteropneustes Fossilis BlochPandey, PritySrivastava, Arun K
18-Aug-2017Chromium induced histological and biochemical changes in Rattus Norvegicus Brenkenhout and therapeutic values of some drugsSrivastav, Alok KumarAgrawal, D P
14-Aug-2017Biochemical studies on superoxide dismutase SOD enzyme activity of freshwater teleost fishMishra, Dev BratSingh, Virendra Bahadur
21-Aug-2017Impact of pesticides on some biochemical parameters on freshwater catfish Heteropneustes FossilisGupta, ShipraTripathi, V K
17-Aug-2017Effect of neem based formulations on the developmental programming and various biochemical parameters of the rice moth Corcyra Cephalonica Stainton Lepidoptera PyralidaeAzam, MohammadAnsari, Badre Alam
17-Aug-2017Biochemical studies on some aspects of reproduction in the freshwater catfish Clarias Batrachus BlochSingh, ChhayaGupta, R C
17-Aug-2017Toxicity of some neem based pesticides on the developmental programming and various biochemical parameters of the cotton pest Earias Vittella Fab LepidopteraBhardwaj, Ajad KumarAnsari, Badre Alam
14-Aug-2017Studies on some biochemical parameters in a freshwater teleost Heteropneustes Fossilis Bloch in response to agrochemical exposure during its annual reproductive cycleVerma, Krishna DeoSingh, Pratap Bahadur
17-Aug-2017Effect of insecticides Organochlorine organophosphorus on biochemical properties of some metabolically active enzymes of a fresh water teleost Heteropneustes Fossilis BlochHusain, Syed ZakirSingh, Virendra Bahadur