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17-Aug-2017Studies on bacterial diseases and their therapeutic measurements of fresh water fishesUpadhyay, Arvind KumarSiddiqui, A R
11-Jan-2016Environmental biology of Wallago attu of river Gomti at JaunpurGaurav KumarSiddiqui, A. R.
1-Nov-2017Toxicity of a heavy metal chromium on various cell types of Gill epithelium of colisa chuna and puntius sophoreSrivastava, Devendra PrakashSrivastava, Anil Kishore
25-Jan-2017Effect of some medicinal plants tulsi Ocimum Sanctum and neem Azardirachta Indica on the control of some harmful beetles of stored grainsSanteshwariHare Govind
14-Aug-2017Bioaccumulation of organochlorines and organophophate insecticides in fishes of the river Gomti and ponds of Gujartal Jaunpur during pre monsoon and post monsoonNigam, Santosh KumarSingh, Pratap Bahadur
1-Nov-2017The studies on population dynamics of digenetic trematodes of fresh water fishes of JaunpurJaiswal, Dharmendra KumarSingh, Hari Shanker
27-Dec-2016Analysis of anticarsinogenic potential of some herbal products used as traditional medicine in IndiaYadav, RakeshAhmad, M Sultan
21-Aug-2017Impact of some pyrethroids on certain biochemical parameters and histopathological changes in a fresh water catfish Heteropneustes FossilisOjha, AnjaliMisra, S R
14-Aug-2017Host selection behaviour of an aphid parasitoid lipolexis scutellaris mackauer Hymenopteria Braconidae AphidiinaePrasad, MaheshSrivastava, Anoop Kumar
6-Aug-2015Studies on ecology and fish diversity of Arra talMishra, S RSingh, G C