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17-Aug-2017Effects of estradiol 17b and 17a 20b dihydroxy 4 pregnen 3 one steroid hormones on various phospholipid metabolism histological changes in gonads and GVBD during reproductive growth in the catfish Heteropneustes FossilisPandey, Sanjay KumarSingh, Pratap Bahadur
18-Aug-2017Effect of sewage pollution on fresh water food fishSingh, ShivaniSingh, B B
18-Aug-2017Studies of the effect of photoperiod and temperature on the hypothalamo hypophysial gonadal system in a freshwater murrel Channa punctatus BlochChaturvedi, Sanjay KumarSrivastava, S J
17-Aug-2017Environmental impact on the morpho biology of the anchovy Setipinna Phasa HAMChaubey, Brijesh KumarSerajuddin, M
17-Aug-2017Postembryonic studies on haemocytes in lemon butterfly Papilio Demoleus L LepidopteraChaubey, Ajay KumarTiwari, R K
17-Aug-2017Impact of anthropogenic activities on the ecophysiology of gomti river at Jaunpur U PMasih, Agha ParvezAgarwal, D P
13-Nov-2017Impact of sewage pollutants on reproductive physiology of fish Channa PuntatusSingh, PratimaSingh, B B
18-Aug-2017A study on the modulation of vascular reactivity in normotensive and hypertensive rats by nitric oxide and free radicalsSrivastava, PritiSingh, V B
18-Aug-2017Morphology relationships and seasonal variation in the incidence of infection of digenetic trematodes of fresh water fishesPandey, BhairaviGovind, Hare
18-Aug-2017Effect of three carpet dyes on liver kidney and intestine of fresh water fish Puntius Sophore HamiltonYadav, ShailendraAgrawal, D P