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17-Aug-2017Biochemical studies on some aspects of reproduction in the freshwater catfish Clarias Batrachus BlochSingh, ChhayaGupta, R C
17-Aug-2017Effects of cadmium Cd on the reproductive function in a freshwater catfish heteropneustes fossilisSrivastava, Rajiv KumarSrivastava, S J
17-Aug-2017Study of impact of pesticides on the enzyme dependent antioxidant defense system in air breathing freshwater teleosts Clarias Batrachus Linn and Heteropneustes Fassilis BlochSingh, Amit KumarSingh, Virendra Bahadur
17-Aug-2017Studies on digenetic trematodes of fresh water fishes of Jaunpur Eastern U P IndiaMaurya, Nand KumarSingh, H S
17-Aug-2017Morphometric meristic and biochemical studies of freshwater catfish eutropiichthys vacha BleekerAbbas, AshrafSerajuddin, M
1-Nov-2017Histological and biochemical studies on the role of thyroid gland in relation to ovary and liver of freshwater teleost heteropneustes fossilis BlochLal, RamSrivastava, S S
14-Aug-2017Biochemical studies on superoxide dismutase SOD enzyme activity of freshwater teleost fishMishra, Dev BratSingh, Virendra Bahadur
18-Aug-2017Studies on seasonal histo biochemical changes during reproductive cycle in freshwater prawns Macrobrachium Dayanum and Macrobrachium LamerriiYadav, BrijbhanRoy, Dayalanand
18-Aug-2017Studies of the effect of photoperiod and temperature on the hypothalamo hypophysial gonadal system in a freshwater murrel Channa punctatus BlochChaturvedi, Sanjay KumarSrivastava, S J
17-Aug-2017Studies on the freshwater prawn fishery of river Ganga in Eastern Uttar Pradesh with special reference to the Biology of Macrobrachium Malcolmsonii H Milne EdwardsDwivedi, Akhilesh KumarTiwari, R K