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4-Oct-2018Comparative toxicological studies of a carbamate and herbicide on a freshwater catfish Hetropneuestes Fossilis BlochRai, Praveen KumarSrivastava, Arun Kumar
30-Nov-2017Melatonin Sex steroids and innate immune function in the fresh water snake natrix piseatorSingh, AlkaSingh, Ramesh
30-Nov-2017Study on cestode parasites of fishes in Azamgarh DistrictSingh, RashmiSrivastava, Anoop Kr
11-Jul-2017Studies on the Ectoparasites Anthropodansof goats in Devipattam mandasl of UPFarook, Syed MohammadBeg, Mirza Ansar
21-Aug-2017Studies on digenetic trematode parasites with special reference to their taxonomy histology and biochemical changes induced in Liver of fresh water fishes of Eastern U PSingh, PushpanjaliSrivastava, Anil Kishore
21-Aug-2017Impact of some pyrethroids on certain biochemical parameters and histopathological changes in a fresh water catfish Heteropneustes FossilisOjha, AnjaliMisra, S R
21-Aug-2017Testosterone and estradiol 17b glucuronide and sulfate sex steroids in female Cirrhinus Mrigala HamSingh, Hemant KumarSingh, P B
21-Aug-2017Physiological changes due to a herbicide 2 4 D Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid on a fresh water catfish Heteropneustes Fossilis BlochSingh, AnuragSingh, Hari Shankar
23-Aug-2017Interrelation of Thymus and Gonad in female garden lizard Calotes versicolorRai, ShradhaNirmal, B K
23-Aug-2017Toxicity and long term effects of pesticides on protein and nucleic acid metabolism in liver and ovary of a tropical fresh water catfish clarias batrachus BlochGupta, AartiTiwari, J N