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13-May-2016comparative studies on the biodiversity of the fishes of river Ganga and Gomti with special referance to physico chemical conditionsSingh, JyotiSingh, P B
27-Jan-2016Effect of sublethal treatments of certain molluscicides on on the reproduction of snail Lymnaea AcuminataSingh, VatsalaTiwari, J N
3-Jun-2019Folk prescription of zootherapeutic resources as used by tribals of Malwa region Madhya PradeshBharti, ShahnazAzmi, Hasan Khalid
23-Aug-2017Interrelation of Thymus and Gonad in female garden lizard Calotes versicolorRai, ShradhaNirmal, B K
23-Aug-2017Toxicity and long term effects of pesticides on protein and nucleic acid metabolism in liver and ovary of a tropical fresh water catfish clarias batrachus BlochGupta, AartiTiwari, J N
19-Apr-2018Phisiological changes due to nutritional toxicants on a freshwater catfish Heteropneustes fossils BlochSaumyaSrivastava, Arun K
23-Aug-2017Bioaccumulation of carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides in fishes of the river Gomti and ponds of Gujartal Jaunpur during breeding and non breeding seasonVengayil, Doyil TSingh, P B
23-Aug-2017Affect of ecology of rivers and reservoirs on the taxonomical studies of fresh water prawns Palaemon of Varanasi regionSingh, RanvijaySiddiqui, A R
1-Sep-2017Ethnozoological studies of central Orissa with special reference to drugs of animal origin as used by the tribalsSinha, GauriAzmi, Hasan Khalid
29-Aug-2017Response of various cell types of Gill epithelium and epidermis of a goldfish Carassius Auratus to malachite green exposureYadav, Ram YashSingh, J P N