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17-Aug-2017Ethnozoology of animals in relation to health care among the tribals in Madhya PradeshAli, Saaduz ZafarAzmi, H Khalid
21-Aug-2017Studies on the biology of some fish food organisms The cladoceransKanaujia, Durjan RamTiwari, R K
21-Aug-2017Studies on prognosis histopathology and seasonal incidence of parasitic and microbial diseases of Catla Catla Ham in some rural ponds of Khurda district OrissaChandra, SureshTiwari, R K
17-Aug-2017Ecological studies of ganga river Between Buxar and Ballia in relation to distribution and abudance of macrobrachium birmanicum choprai TiwariSrivastava, Vinod KumarSingh, S R
17-Aug-2017Population dynamics and ecological behaviour of phthirapteran ectoparasites infesting birds with special reference to poultry at Jaunpur U PChandra, SureshChandra, Akhilesh
18-Aug-2017Endocrinological studies in the emon butterfly Papilio Demoleus L Effects of certain stresses on metamorphic moultingShukla, Ravi ShankerTiwari, R K
23-Aug-2017Studies of histopathological histochemical respiratory and ovarian cycle changes in fish under carpet chemical stressVerma, AnjulSriwastawa, V M S
17-Aug-2017Studies on biology management of climbing cutworm of rice Mythimna Separata Walk Lepidoptera Noctuidae in eastern U PPandey, Rohit KumarTiwari, J N
10-Nov-2017Vrindavanlal verma ke aitihasik upanyason mein Nari PatraSingh, Chotki DeviPrasad, Vishwanath
17-Aug-2017Effects of cadmium Cd on the reproductive function in a freshwater catfish heteropneustes fossilisSrivastava, Rajiv KumarSrivastava, S J