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31-Mar-2016Exploration of bacterial diversity from high temperature oil reservoirs for the degradation of hydrocarbons at elevated temperatureChitrakoti, Mahesh RDhakephalkar, P. K. and Ranade D. R.
31-Mar-2016Studies on production of Cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase CGTase enzyme using alkaliphilic bacteriaThombre Rebecca SandeepKanekar P. P.
31-Mar-2016Study on embryonic profiles of Cholesterol and Phospholipids and effects of lipid inhibitors on development using suitable animal modelsYadav, Nutan B.Korad, Vishakha and Kulkarni, M. V.
14-Mar-2018Studies on phage based microfluidic assay for detection of food pathogensAgrawal ShailajaPaknikar K. M.AND Bodas D. S.
14-Mar-2018Investigation on exercise regimes for reducing obesity among adolescent boys from urban affluent population in PuneApte PritiRao Shobha
11-Apr-2016Studies on chitinolytic fungi and their extracellular chitinase systemMishra PadmanabhNilegaonkar S.S.
18-Jul-2016Studies on traditional agricultural practices and food grain management from Bhor Pune district and Mahad Rraigad district Maharashtra statePatil Parashuram VishnuKulkarni D. K. and Taware S. P.
17-Jun-2016Exploration of tetrastigma sulcatum for anti fungal propertiesWaghole Ravindra JagannathNaik Dattatraya Gopal
14-May-2018Gluten protein analysis and molecular mapping of grain characteristics in tetraploid wheatDegaonkar, Anjali MoreshwarRao, V. S.
18-Aug-2017Studies on monocotyledonous diversity from the deccan intertrappean beds of Mandla District Madhya PradeshChate, Sudhakar VyankatraoBonde, S D