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9-May-2017Characterization of soil acidity and lime requirement of mid hill soils of Manipur with special reference to glycine max and Vigna radiate cropsKailash KumarJanmejay Singh, L
9-May-2017Bionomics and control of Scirtothirps dorsalis hood thysanoptera insecta on capsicum annum L solanaceaeJames Keisa, TVaratharajan, R
9-May-2017Biochemical studies of certain varieties of chillies capsicum annum L and C frutescens L in Manipur with special reference to capsaicin capsaicinoids sugar protein fat ascorbic acid phenol chlorophyll and moisture contentsChangsan ,ZawlthanglienJanmejay Singh, L
9-May-2017Indoor aerobiology of certain working environments in Imphal aera ManipurAyekpam, Premila DeviIrabanta Singh, N
9-May-2017Investigations of the problems of infestations of tasar silkworm antheraea proylei J and their controlKaram, Nimaichand SinghRaikumar Singh, P
9-May-2017Distribution primary production and nutrient status of the macrophytic communities in waithou lake ManipurOkram, Ibeton DeviSharma, B Manihar
9-May-2017Cytology and genetic of the pumpkin cucurbila moschata powdery mildew diseaseAshangbam, KabitaraniThounaojam, Bhagirath
9-May-2017Fish and fisheries of the southern part of Ukhrul district of ManipurKeishing, SelimWaikhom, Vishwanath Singh
9-May-2017Effect of some agrochemicals on foliage yield and chemical constituents of quercus serrata thun and its impact on oak tasar silk worm rearingGhosh, Mrinal KantiSrivastava ,Ramesh C
9-May-2017Fish of chakpi Manipur river complex and biology of the bariline cyprinid barilius ugawa sp novWahengbam, Manoj Kumar SinghVishwanath, W