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7-Jul-2016Studies in the synthesis of tellurolo 2 3 b quinolinesRamasamy, KShanmugam, P
7-Jul-2016Studies on trajectories of a positive ion in a magnetoelectrostatic trapRamalingam, H BSelvarajan, V
1-Jul-2016Studies on the temporal trends of stream water Chemistry in the Nilgiris hillslope of Western Ghats of Peninsular IndiaGeetha, SBalasubramanian, S
1-Jul-2016Studies on enzymes associated with embryonic development in the insect pests tobacco cutworm spodoptera litura F lepidoptera and cotton bollworm helicoverpa armigera H lepidoptera and immune defence mechanism in the coconut pest oryctes rhinoceros L coleoptera and cockroach periplaneta americana L dictyopteraSrinandhinidevi, K MThangaraj, T
1-Jul-2016Studies on the influence of certain pre emergence herbicides on soil microorganisms and plant growthSivasubramanian, RPurushothaman, D
1-Jul-2016Synthetic spectroscopic and thermal studies on metal complexes of N phthaloylamino acids with hydrazineKanakachalam, NGovindarajan, S
4-Jul-2016Studies on cost effective methods of forest management Response of azadirachta indica and eucalyptus tereticornis to bio inoculants on sludge amended soil with sewage water irrigationIsmail, S MohamedBalasubramanian, S
4-Jul-2016Variation and correlation studies on growth and morphological characters in Albizia Lebbeck L benthV, Sheela GeorgeSubramanian, K N
4-Jul-2016Studies on the variations in organic components in relation to vitellogenesis in a dragonfly anax immaculifrons OdonataRhamhalinghan, MManavalaramanujam, R
1-Jul-2016Studies on rust resistance and quality characters in some hexaploid Indian wheat cultivarsGajalakshmi, KReddy, V Rama Koti