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31-May-2019Pharmacognostical pharmacological and Phytochemical screening of bauhinia Phoenicea wight arn An endemic plant of Southern Western GhatsALBY ALPHONS BABYREGI RAPHAEL K
31-May-2019Neethi Noolagalin Manuda MathipukalNarmadha BShobana H
31-May-2019Impact of emotional intelligence on academic performance of the teaching faculty in self financing arts and science colleges in ChennaiUMA KRADHA S
31-May-2019A study on municipal solid waste management in the union territory of Puducherry with special reference to Puducherry regionDHARMU SNACHIMUTHU V
31-May-2019Agri Horticultural developments in the Nilgiris 1820 to 1977 a historical studyKRISHNA PRIYA MPERUMAL A
31-May-2019Synthesis spectral and structural characterizations computational calculations and hirshfeld analysis of certain hydrogen bonded organic crystals of 3 5 dinitrobenzoic acid with some heterocyclic amines for optical applicationsSATHYA K
31-May-2019palamthamilarain kalvi vagaikailum muraikalalum vaguppukagalumKathirvel RMaruthachallam Adhigal
31-May-2019Studies on the antibacterial activity of haemolymph from the dragonfly larvae Diplocodes trivialis Rambur against food borne pathogens in raw meatDhanalakshmi GReniprabha A
31-May-2019The impact of employee engagement and involvement Practices on retention of employees in private Banking sector in Tamil NaduKANNAN PKUBENDRAN V
31-May-2019Dharamapuri Mavatta Sirudiva valipadum ThomaimuraigalumVadivel KMeenakshi Sundaram M